THIS Is How Nicole Scherzinger Gets Her Glow

Neal’s Yard Organic Coconut Oil, £9

Nicole Scherzinger has that kind of complexion that looks like it has kissed by sun angel and glows from within. But it hasn’t always been this way. 

‘In my teenage years I got a horrible breakout in different places over my face,’ she’s said in the past. ‘I tried toothpaste, Neosporin for the aftermath! A lot of concealer!’

But thankfully, the former Pussycat Doll has now discovered the ultimate glow-giver. And even better – you won’t need an A-list budget to afford it. 

Nicole swears by something that comes in a jar and that you can find in your local supermarket for keeping her skin on-point. So what is it?! 

nicole scherzinger in a sequin mesh dress and a dark red lip Nicole Scherzinger swears by coconut oil to get her skin looking HD-ready


‘My favourite skincare treat is raw coconut oil,’ the singer told InStyle. ‘My aunt extracts it from her coconut tree in Hawaii and sends it to me in jars. It’s anti-bacterial and super-hydrating; you can use it on your body and your face.’

We know all about the benefits of the coconut oil, which is wonderfully nourishing not only on your skin but also on your hair. Plus, it doubles up as an amazing cooking oil!

Because we don’t all have aunties in Hawaii who can ship it to us raw, look to Neal’s Yard Organic Coconut Oil (£9), which our beauty team swears by. 

Apply a thick layer as a facemask, leave it on for half an hour before removing with a warm flannel to reveal a Scherzy-worthy glow.

nicole scherzinger with a red lip and big hair Nicole Scherzinger loves to experiment with her make-up – but her flawless skin remains constant