This Is How Much Money Would Make You Happy

How much money would make YOU happy?

£20k? £500k? £1 million? Well. According to new research, the average Briton would be happy with a total of £50k of savings.

In fact, this is the amount that it would take for them to find ‘true happiness’. Wowzers.

So why’s this the perfect number? Well, it might not be enough to make you a millionaire or give up work for good, but it should keep most families above board.


And while most people agreed that a huge windfall would be welcome, they also said that it wouldn’t be necessary for happiness. Instead, they just wanted enough money to make life easier for themselves and their loved ones.

Which is pretty sweet really.

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This was all worked out by the team at, who polled 2,894 British adults. Each participant worked full-time and considered themselves to be of a working class background.

So if these people were gifted £50k, what would they spend it on?


Researchers gave participants a list of luxury expenses that those with money (*ahem* the Kardashians) could buy and asked them to choose what would be the most important to them if they could afford it.

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The top five may surprise you…

1) To pay off my mortgage (16%)

2) To take a luxury 5* holiday once a year (11%)

3) To eat out at gourmet restaurant once a week (8%)

4) To purchase a brand new car (6%)

5) To splurge on designer clothes (5%)


With paying off a mortgage right at the top, it seems we’re a pretty sensible bunch really.

And hey, who doesn’t dream of being able to splurge on designer clothes and take 5* holidays from time to time?!