This Girl’s Changing Hair Colour Is Taking Over The ‘Net

Remember The Dress that broke the internet? ‘Course you do.

Well. If that phenomenon put you and your friends all in a tizzy, brace yourselves for this new video.

These days, all the cool kids are asking a new question. It’s all about the hair, darls. 

Or Sabrina Abu-Obeid’s hair, to be more precise. Meet the 24-year-old YouTuber from Florida who has taken social media by storm.

And it’s clear to see why. She has magic hair.

Well, kind of. 

> Is her hair purple? Or blue?


Sabrina has become an internet sensation thanks to this video, which has spanned every corner of the world wide web, in it’s quest to answer the question: what colour is the hair? 

In the 20 second clip, Sabrina can be seen walking between two rooms, and her hair visibly switches between contrasting shades of bright lavender and deep purple.

Some people are seeing blue. Others are seeing shades of pink. There’s just a lot of confusion, really. 

But no one is quite as baffled as Sabrina’s boyfriend, who is holding the camera. You can hear his flabbergasted state, which provides the soundtrack to the film. We feel you, dude. 

Speaking with Buzzfeed, Sabrina said: “We knew it would get some attention, but we definitely didn’t expect it to go as viral as it did.”

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Anyone that’s been through the process of dying their hair will know that it can go through varying degrees of colour change, and things like lighting can affect the hue’s appearance. But if we’ve ever seen a fabulous reaction to a new ‘do, it’s this. 

Now that’s what you call a hair transformation.

By Laura Jane Turner