15 Things You’ll Only Know If You Hate Mornings

Mornings are rough, right?

If you hate getting up early, you’ll understand far too well how much hatred you can harbour for an alarm clock and how necessary a cup (or three) of coffee is.

But don’t worry, we feel you. We bet you went through ALL of these thoughts earlier today (because we did too)…

1) You can judge *exactly* how awful you’ll feel tomorrow morning by what time you go to bed

‘If I doze off right now I’ll get 6 hours, 8 minutes and 38 seconds sleep… hmmmm.’


But even if you do get your recommended 8 hours, you’ll still feel rubbish



3) The sound of your alarm is
nails on a chalkboard

It’s actually painful.


4) You’re the Queen of the snooze button

This means you have to hear that sound every five minutes for roughly an hour. ARGH.


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5) You can sleep through many, many alarms

HOW many times have you missed your train now?!


6) Your duvet feels like a giant, heavenly cloud

Why would you ever want to leave it?


7) You’ve tried all kinds of methods to get yourself up earlier

Setting your clock 10 minutes fast, putting it on the other side of the room to force yourself to get out of bed and turn it off…

That last one never works, you just end up bringing it back under the covers with you.


One word: Coffee

100% essential.


9) You shower the night before to ensure you get as much sleep as possible

Breakfast at home is totally out of the question, make-up will be done at your desk and your hair goes up in a bun.


10) You’ll never understand ‘morning people’

Are they robots? Martians? What’s wrong with them?


11) People who go to the gym before work are even worse

Although we secretly wish we had their discipline.


12) You tend to peak in the evenings

9pm is your optimum time.


13) Weekends are the absolute dream

Lie-ins galore. Bank holidays are even better.


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14) Having to get up early on a Saturday or Sunday is pretty much torture

You feel so cheated.


You’ve considered getting a job with night shifts

Now THAT’S a good plan.