9 Things You’ll Know If You’re Dating In London

Dating is an absolute minefield. And it just seems to get so much more complicated when you’re living in London. 

Firstly, if you’re single, living in a London postcode and looking for love, you’re most probably signed up to a number of dating apps, including Tinder.

Whether we like it or not, everything’s going digital these days, and the search for a soulmate – or a quick fling if that’s what tickles your fancy – is no different. 

>These guys had it easy really…


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It means that love can come at the touch of a finger tip, but it also leads to a whole lot of new stresses. Oh woe. 

We’ve all heard the dating horror stories and sexting fails, but this rundown of truths is almost enough to put us off the dating game for life. 

We said almost. 

1. Tinder matching should be simple enough, right? 



You’re bound to know their mate’s, cousin’s best friend. And there’s obviously going to be a horror story about them. 

Always good to start on the right foot, eh? 

2. There’s a shortness of good single men.


…And so many of us fabulous single ladies. Obvs. 

*Hair flick*

3. The pay dilemma.

Who should pick up the bill is an age-old debate. But with prices being so much higher in London, dating is an expensive pastime for men and women. 

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4. Fast-paced is right. 


It’s not just on the tubes that people are in a hurry. London life is fast. 

One day you’ll be single, and the next you could be completely head-over-heels in love. 

What a nice thought. 

5. Having said that… 


London life is also busy. And hectic. 

“Want to date me? Let me pencil you in for three Tuesdays time.” 


6. Romance is hard. 


“I’ll pick you up at 8?” – a phrase heard by modern London girls NEVER. 

More like, “meet you at the tube station.”

So not sexy. 

7. He’ll most likely take you to somewhere he thinks is uber cool. 


Like a brand new pop-up diner that serves the very best ‘alternative’ street food.

And it will be rammed with man buns.

And a bit rubbish. 

8.  The pre-stalk is standard. 


You’ll want to rummage down his social media accounts before you meet him. You know, just to check he’s not a serial killer. 

Or married. 

9. Accidently Tinder-swiping right to your oldest guy mate.


He’s like my brother. Ew. 

The London pool is small. It’s bound to happen. 


Good luck!

By Laura Jane Turner