19 Things You Didn’t Know About London Fashion Week

Here are all the things you never knew about London Fashion Week


1. A pit full of angry fashion photographers will yell “uncross your legs!” at you at every show, Well, God forbid your shoes ruin their perfect shot!

2. 30,000 Lavazza espressos will be served up – well we’ll definitely need a caffeine fix or two this week.




3. You will, more than likely, get stuck behind a street style star and therefore get shoved out the way – don’t let your outfit take it personally.

4. And if you do get noticed then the street style photographers lingo will baffle you. What does ‘work your coat’ even mean?

5. The Mercedez Benz chauffeurs will drive the models, stylists, journalists and bloggers a whopping 32,000 miles in between the London shows. That’s a lot of blister-saving!

6. At LFW it’s totally acceptable to drink champagne at 10am on a Sunday morning while having your hair done (without a hint of irony)




7. 80 Penhaligon’s candles will be burnt. Well, beautiful people and beautiful clothes should smell beautiful too, right?

8. The novelty of seeing celebrities left, right and centre wears off pretty quickly. Trust us, a queue makes everyone equal. We don’t care who you are!

9. If you’re not prepared for all weather then you will regret it! Sod’s law will definitely catch you out – and ruin that fresh blow dry.



10. Your diet will become solely snack based. In fact, 20,000 packs of PROPERCORN popcorn will get eaten throughout LFW.

11. Twitter goes crazy. There were a massive 350,800 mentions of #LFW on Twitter LFW back in February and this number is set to rise this season. Better keep those phones charged!



12. You will experience iPad rage at least 271,940,495 times a day. Yes, we know you’re trying to film the show but you’ve just given me a minor head injury.

13. The models are just like us when it comes to last minute beauty prep. You’d be surprised at how well we can paint our nails in a cab and Kendall…well she takes last minute beauty prep to a whole new level when she recently shared a video on Instagram of her shaving her legs on the way to a show – London’s cabbies will have seen it all!


Kendall is all smiles in her Instagram video

14. Make up artists use walkie-talkies to communicate with each other at shows so there’s no screaming backstage. Nifty.

15. The show must go on. Even models have the same troubles that we do in awkward shaped heels, and if they take a tumble then they can literally get stepped over by the next model. Harsh!




16. Many clothes you see on the catwalk are finished just before the show starts. A team of dressmakers will be desperately putting together final touches backstage and some models will literally get sewn into their outfits.

17. By day 3 the heels will be long gone and everyone will be in trainers. If it’s good enough for Dior…

18. It’s a mad house backstage! With no glamorous changing rooms, the hair, make up, steaming and styling takes place wherever there’s space. Who said modeling was glamorous?


19. The best catwalk show seats are often the digital ones, so stay tuned for our LFW coverage.