9 Truths That Every Thick Thigh Sister Knows Too Well

We encourage you to love your body, whatever its shape or size.

Some girls are just naturally curvy, whilst others may be a bit more on the athletic side.  

Not too long ago we brought you a listicle of the very real problems every girl who’s been blessed with a big butt will understand. 

Along with a curvacious behind comes generous thigh sisters.

And those take us into a whole new territory of their very own.  

1. Oh. Thigh high boots are the ‘in’ thing?



If we do manage to tease them up past our knees, there’s no way they’re staying there. 

2. Jeans with rips become our new best friend. 


And not by choice.

Give a new pair of jeans a few weeks, and there’ll be cute little holes all along the thigh seams. Can you tell how happy we are about this?

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3. RE: Jeans with rips. 


When we sit down, our thighs do this totally awesome thing where they squeeze out of the gaps. 

Oh, the sarcasm. 

4. Shorts are not our friends.


They just keep on rollin’ rollin’ rollin’ up until everything is hanging out.

So. Not. Chic.

And if you do happen to find a pair that stay put, it’s only because they’re choking our thighs to death.

Circulation isn’t optional, guys. 

5.  Finding the perfect fitting trousers is like the Holy Grail. 


Ones that will be snug at the waist AND go up past my thighs? 


6. Hot dog legs? 


More like chicken breast legs. 

7. Thighbrows were made for us. 

Because, we should be celebrating what nature gave us. 

8. We get a constant round of applause. 


Our thighs are BFFs. And they like to clap to support one another when we’re running.

Isn’t that nice of them? 

9. We’re part mermaid. 


Didn’t you know? Just another benefit of having legs that are practically morphed together. 


Now go forth and own those thighs, just like Queen Beyonce.  

By Laura Jane Turner