These Ascot Hats Just Taught Us Brand New Things

Royal Ascot has been in full swing since Tuesday, and much to our enjoyment, guests thus far have not been holding back in the battle to scoop the prize for best hat-wearer of the season.

Yep, we’re not kidding when we say this year has well and truly surpassed all hats, fascinators and bonnets to have previously graced the annual racing event. In fact, it looks like the dress code has been completely rewritten in the name of sartorial statement-making.


Here’s what these millinery creations are teaching us that we never knew before…


Pets Permitted



Feeling guilty at the prospect of leaving your furry friend at home for the day? Worry not, fellow fashionistas, as milliner Rachel Black has given us the seal of approval to bring our pampered pooches and pusses along in their very own portable pad. Just make sure you don’t take them to the dogs.


The Ability To See Is Not Necessarily A Requirement




This guest makes a pretty bold stand for the no-pain-no-gain ethos with her floral number. To be honest, we’re not sure we’d make it from one bar to another without risking a life (be it ours or another’s). Hats off to her! Pun intended.


Peacock Like You Never Have Before




 If you want to be in with any chance of triumphing in this season’s millinery contest, spreading your hat horizons is the only way to go about it. In fact, the bigger the better. This ensemble is right on the money – all we need now is to pluck up the courage (and the feathers) to brave such huge hats.    


Double Your Hat Up As A Mode Of Transport





 Come final race rounds, the last-minute scram for a taxi can turn your day from bonsa to bummer. This bright spark has the right idea- choose a hat that doubles up as a helicopter!



Balance Whatever You Can On Your Head



Remember when people learnt to walk in heels by balancing a book on their head? Well, this is like that. Only instead of a book, this race-goer has plumped for the biggest hat ever made. Because, why not?


Picnic Your Way To The Top




This lovely attendee has enough spoons for everyone, making picnic time much more efficient. Well, they do say sharing is caring. 


By Bridie Wilkins