There’s MORE… Kim Kardashian Bares All Inside Paper

Instagram: @papermagazine

Yesterday the world was rocked by Kim Kardashian‘s oiled derriere. In her latest photoshoot with Paper Magazine, Kim attempted to #BreakTheInternet and she sure did a good old job. It seems every other Instagram photo EVER was a share of these now infamous snaps…

But the story doesn’t end there.

In phase two of the reality superstar’s diabolical plan to well and truly establish her virtual reign, she’s gone all the way to share her full frontal self.

As they released the final additions to Jean Paul Goude’s visionary shoot, Paper Magazine proudly announced ‘we told you there was more to come…’ Quite literally. You can’t really get much more, can you?

The selfie Queen is no stranger to the camera, so it’s no surprise that she looks as confident as ever as she drops down to her bare body. She sported a full smile, and not much else!

Whether you love her or hate her, there’s no denying Kimmy K knows exactly how to make an impact.

And while we’re still talking about her, it looks like her plan for total world domination is 100% working…

By Laura Jane Turner