There’s A Reason Why Selfie Culture Is Actually Pretty Great

There’s no denying that we’re a generation of selfie lovers. But how much time do we really spend snapping photos of ourselves?

Brace yourselves. Because it’s a bit scary.

According to a new survey, a young adult will spend a whopping 54 hours taking selfies in one year. Which is pretty crazy, right?!



The study – which was undertaken by tooth whitening brand Luster Premium White – revealed that its participants took an average of nine selfies a week, investing seven minutes of their time per photo.

So what does that add up to throughout a lifetime? Well. Apparently, these young adults will photograph themselves a total of 25,700 times. WOW.

The big question is whether we’re totally wasting our time with this very 21st century hobby.



We’ve recently found out that selfie-related deaths are on the rise and that celebrities’ Instagram posts are making us splash out on more cosmetics.

But surely there must be SOMETHING positive that comes out of that little front camera?

Happily for us, the people over at Upworthy have come up with some reasons why selfies are kinda great. Here they are…



1) They can provide self-affirmation and identity

65% of the teenage girls surveyed in the TODAY/AOL Ideal To Real Body Image Survey said that seeing their selfies on social media actually boosted their confidence.

How can it not, when you’re seeing a photo of yourself you approve of and people are liking it?

2) They give people a chance to feel in control of the way they present themselves to the world

In the Today/AOL survey, 40% of the teens said social media helps them ‘present [their] best face to the world.’



Psychologists call this power self-efficacy – the idea that we have control over our own world.

3) They can be an empowering and accessible way to showcase a wide diversity of beauty

Thanks to Instagram and Twitter, we see people of all shapes, colours, ages and sizes all over our news feeds.

Now we can ALL celebrate each other’s beauty.



4) They can help with human connection

We can see what other people are doing all over the world at all times. How amazing is that?! This is changing how we learn about different cultures, countries and events.

It sounds like we should keep on snapping, people.