On The Xmas Wish List: By Brilliant’s Affordable Diamonds

Did someone say diamonds? Bybrilliant.com is an amazing jewel e-boutique offering simulated diamonds at a fraction of the cost of mined diamond sparklers.

Here’s the science bit. A simulated diamond is a diamond-like stone that has not been mined from the earth. The result is a stone with a similar refractive index and hardness of a diamond. Pick from diamonds set in gold, white gold and silver, only trained geoligists with specialist equipment can tell the difference. Plus they last a lifetime, just like real diamonds.

Now for the fashion bit. This Sapphire and diamond ring, £245 is just like Hollywood great Elizabeth Taylor’s engagement ring and the super-sparkly flower pendant necklace, £115 really caught our eye too. It belongs on the red carpet, wouldn’t you agree?  We bet Santa will be picking up a mammoth order of pressies from By Brilliant this Christmas! LW