The new exhibition is set to be a treasure trove of iconic styles

The V&A’s New Summer Exhibition Is A Shoe Lover’s Dream

Following on from the stellar sell-out Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty exhibition, the Victoria & Albert museum is turning its attention to a topic close to our hearts – shoes. Yep, you read that right. Kick starting on Saturday, the museum will play host to a huge new exhibition dedicated to charting our fascination with extreme heels over the last 2,000 or so years.

The iconic towering Gillie heels Naomi Campbell famously fell over wearing on the Vivienne Westwood runway back in 1993 will be on display, along with a whole host of iconic shoes donated from brands like Christian Louboutin and Monolo Blahnik, not to mention the Alexander McQueen Armadillo shoes made famous by Lady Gaga in her Bad Romance video.

Titled Shoes, Pleasure And Pain, the exhibition will explore the history of how and why we have worn outlandish shoes in the pursuit of a certain look and the reason we derive pleasure – and, let’s face it, pain – from them unlike any other fashion item.

With the big opening taking place in a matter of days, it got us thinking about the moments heels have had a prominent role in films over the years. We struggled to whittle it down but here are five of our favourite moments on the silver screen.

Cinderella slipper

Glass slippers in Cinderella

If there was ever proof that a great pair of heels can make all the difference, it’s Cinderella. Talking about creating his own interpretation of the iconic pair, Christian Louboutin said, “Cinderella is not only an iconic character when it comes to beauty, grace and a fairytale love, but also shoes.” Need we say any more?



Blue Manolo Blahnik pumps

Blue Manolo Blahnik’s in Sex and the City

Just when we thought Mr Big would never pop the question, he surprised us and did just that in the first movie, dropping down on bended knee and saying, “Carrie Bradshaw, the love of my life, will you marry me?” The best part? When he sealed the deal by a cobalt blue Manolo Blahnik pump onto her foot, of course!


Grease movie

Red mules in Grease

If we had to trace our love of mules back to a specific moment, Sandra Dee in Grease definitely has something to do with it. Who can forget that moment where the camera zooms in on her bright red version after her style transformation in the last scene of Grease? One word: classic!


Pretty woman film poster

Over the knee boots in Pretty Woman

If over the knee boots holds a special place in our hearts, it’s partly down to Julia Roberts. The patent black boots she wore as prostitute Vivian Ward have been referenced by designers time and time again. They’re so wrong, they’re right. 


Wizard of Oz slippers

Ruby Slippers in The Wizard Of Oz

No round up on the top heels moments in films could ever be complete without talking about the red slippers in The Wizard of Oz. There are officially only four pairs of the original slippers left, once of which, owned by the Smithsonian, attracts millions of visitors to the museum every year.