The UK’s First Bunny Spa Will Make All You Dreams Come True

Just in time for Easter comes possibly the best news of 2016 so far. The world’s first bunny spa is coming to London!

Yep, you heard us right – a bunny spa! And it’s everything you could have ever dreamed of. Imagine a luxurious spa offering beauty treatments combined with a playground for adorable fluffy bunnies and you’re on the right lines.

The genius idea is the brainchild of ethical brand 7th Heaven Beauty, and the pop-up event comes to Covent Garden for one weekend only. Cancel your plans and put the 12-14 March in your diary pronto.


The heard of lop-eared Easter bunnies will be especially brought in from Greenwich Rabbit rescue to be on hand to soothe guests with their super-cute prescene.

As well as beauty treatments, 7th Heaven Beauty will be serving up vegetarian treats for both the bunnies and the humans.  


The best news of all? The beauty treatments on offer are completely FREE. 7th Heaven Beauty will be offering you complimentary massages and facials while you get to play with these wonderful cuddly creatures.

So what’s the catch we hear you cry? We’re please to report there isn’t one, but there is a bigger reason behind all these bunny antics.

7th Heaven Beauty is a cruelty free brand and they’re passionate about promoting the welfare of animals. By running this pop-up they hope to raise awareness of animal-friendly beauty.

“At 7th Heaven we love animals as much as we love humans and this is the perfect way to combine the two,” said spokesperson Steven Van Hemmen.



And the bunnies wont feel left out when it comes to the spa experience. “The rabbits will be pampered, too, with plenty of food, a huge run to explore, with plenty of human interaction, which they love,” he explained.

Appointments will be able to book on a first come, first served basis each day. If you miss out you can see all the bunny fun over on the brand’s Periscope page.