Jo, Bradley, Paul, Hannah, Jon, Rachel & Tina - bringing it all back....

The Top Seven Reasons Why We Love S Club 7

Okay, so for those of you that did a mini fist pump last year when it was announced that S Club 7 would be reforming for a UK ‘Bring It All Back tour’, guess what? You’re in for a bit of a treat….

After 11 hit singles, four million selling albums, an internationally successful TV show, a feature film, and multiple awards (including two Brits) SC7 are back, and naturally, we’re delighted about it.

And to celebrate the fact that those infectious S Clubbers and their karaoke collection of melodies will be rocking the nation’s capital tomorrow night, we’ve compiled 7 (see what we did there) of our favourite band bits. From excessive exposure of midriffs to hanging out with Pudsey Bear, those SC7 kids are pretty much rocking our post-nineties world – all over again.

1. Rachel Stevens’ Style Evolution

It was established quite early on in SC7 that Rachel Stevens was the undisputed hottie of the outfit. Her exotic bone structure, lustrous hair and fab figure sent her straight to the top of lads mags sexiest women polls across the UK. Add to this her penchant for glamorous evening dresses, tailored separates and statement accessories and all of a sudden, an up-and-coming fash icon was born. We’ll even forgive the baggy utility pants.

Rachel Stevens Rachel Stevens has always had a signature style.


2. The Matchy Outfits

Come on, who didn’t want to be a part of this pleather club?

S Club 7 We think Jo missed the memo…


3. The Songs

Remember when Geri left the Spice Girls and our world fell apart? Suddenly SC7 were there like a popster plaster to stick everything back together again. Bring It All Back? S Club Party? ‘DJ’s got us going around-round?’ Yeah, don’t pretend you didn’t learn that dance move…

S Club 7 Don’t stop movin to that funky funky beat….


4. Hannah’s Pixie Crop

When baby-faced blondey locked Hannah Spearritt went for the chop we all gasped…before scarpering down to the hairdressers to request the same do. Needless to say, it didn’t work out quite so well for us.

Hannah Spearritt Hannah then, and now.


5. The Bromance

The SC7 lads just always seemed to be sharing a joke…whilst doing backflips. We wanted these guys to live on our road.

S Club 7 Lots of impromtu athleticism from the lads back in the day.


6. Tina’s Body

Yeah. She’s a dancer. We can only dream of looking that good wearing so little.

Tina S Club 7 Tina rocking some serious necklines.


7. The Reformation

It was up to the BBC and a certain yellow bear to unite the S Club once again. Having not performed since 2003, the gang reformed for an exclusive greatest hits medley in aid of Children In Need last November, and we all (unashamedly) went a bit nuts. It was a fitting return as single Never Had a Dream Come True reached No.1 in the UK in 2000 as the official charity single for BBC Children in Need, as well as becoming their first top 10 hit in the States.

S Club 7 Never Had A Dream Come True…until now.


By Amie-Jo Locke