The Top 10 Standout Sex And The City Style Moments

Photos: Rex

As Sarah Jessica Parker celebrates her birthday, we remember some of the most amazing fashion moments Carrie Bradshaw ever gave us.

1. The Brilliant Ballerina

Sex And The City’s title sequence officially made tutus cool. This insanely cute ballerina-inspired dress made a comeback in the first film where everyone voted to ‘Take’ rather than ‘Toss’ during the big wardrobe clearout – of course!

2. Triple Pin Stripes

When Carrie decided to look after then boyfriend, Aiden’s dog for the day, you didn’t think she was going to dress sensibly did you. This beyond chic getup was complete with white stilletos – not so good when little Pete ran away.

3. Rainbow Delights

Spending a Saturday exploring NYC museums requires a seriously snazzy rainbow skirt that we still want in our wardrobes now. She got caught in the wind and the rain but never failed to look fabulous.

4. “Now that is pure poetry!”

Wearing THE most gorgeous Oscar De La Renta prom dress and dancing with her man in a fast food restaurant – we have been lusting after this dress ever since.

5. Sunday Stripes

What to wear when stalking your boyfriend and his mother at church? A seriously cute candy stripe shirt dress complete with floppy hat and lace gloves apparently. Carrie went all demure and we loved it.

6. The Naked Dress

This nude little number appeared on the side of a New York City bus to advertise her column.

7. Fantastic Florals

When Big and Carrie went house hunting, the whole world totally fell in love with her green floral two-piece. And that Eiffel Tower clutch? Could anyone else in the world pull that off?

8. “I put a bird on my head!”

When Carrie tried to marry Big (sob), she pulled out all the stops to make sure she looked sensational on her big day. This Vivienne Westwood gown was the perfect choice (and boy did she have choice).

9. What To Wear In Paris

Moving to Paris with your boyfriend means you need to get off the plane looking the epitome of chic. Carrie did this better than anyone could in a lovely monochrome, striped outfit which fitted the occassion to perfection.

10. On The Town

When the sailors came to town, Carrie picked a jewelled black mini and showed off that amazing bob, guiding us all in how to do the ultimate gals night out.

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By Amy de Klerk