The Thing We NEVER Noticed About Disney Princesses

There aren’t many of us who didn’t want to be a Disney Princess as a kid. Ariel, Belle, Jasmine (the list goes on), these animated film stars were some of our most loved female icons during childhood and their wardrobes were one of the major reasons.

Yes, we have to be honest our love for the Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White and co. wasn’t just about the fun storylines and Prince Charming (okay, well maybe it was a little about Prince Charming) it was more about their glamorous get-ups.

So you can imagine our surprise when it was bought to our attention that the stylish princesses had been partaking in spot of outfit swapping back in the day. We can’t steal the glory for this piece of ultimate throwback gossip as Buzzfeed uncovered the shocking news but we love it all the same.

Think back to the dinner scene in The Little Mermaid and you’ll probs recall red head, Ariel ditching her shell bra and tail for a pretty pink frock. Now, this dress always seemed a little familiar and finally we know why, if you look carefully you can see that it incorporates elements from a whole host of the other Princesses gowns.

Snow White’s puff sleeves…

> Snow White’s puff sleeves


Cinderella’s ball gown drape skirt…

> Cinderella’s ball gown skirt


and Aurora’s off the shoulder neckline

> Sleeping Beauty Aurora’s off the shoulder neckline


Oh, and Cinderella’s original party frock which belonged to her mother also seems to have got a look in as it was a pale pink shade, too.

> Cinderella’s original gown from her mother


We’re not sure if this was a designer mistake or a clever trick from the guys over at Disney, but we’ve got to give them credit where credit’s due, that’s some awesome wardrobe recycling right there!