Why Eating Only Tacos Is Good For Your Health

If, like us, you’re die-hard taco fans then this might just be the best news you’ll hear all year. According to four self-proclaimed taco scientists, eating nothing but tacos for 30 days straight will have huge benefits on your health. We KNOW.

And even Jennifer Aniston is getting in on the action. When the Hollywood A-lister was introduced to the taco cleanse during an interview with Yahoo Food, Jen became “riveted” and immediately began to google the new food fad before buying the cookbook on Amazon.

> The Taco Cleanse cookbook is already sold out





What she found out after a bit of digging isn’t exactly what we were hoping for, though. Apparently eating tacos for breakfast, lunch and dinner “rewards your body with what it naturally craves” and makes getting up in the morning easier since “you know your day is going to start with a breakfast taco.” But when Aniston questioned the fillings, our dreams of a meaty-cheese-oozing-Wahaca-induced coma soon came crashing down.


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> The Taco Cleanse has no restrictions on drinks




 “Isn’t the corn tortilla, like, not that good for you? And what about the cheese?” she asked. Well, the taco cleanse is in fact vegan a.k.a. totally animal and dairy free. Instead, dieters are encouraged to substitute their usual fillings for alternatives such as guacamole, mushrooms and black beans.

Weight loss isn’t the goal, either. Unlike a lot of other diet crazes, the taco cleanse is all about loving your body. As the cookbook puts it, “take the negativity and bulls**t out of your mind and put the tacos in.” The book adds that The Taco Cleanse isn’t about depriving ourselves, but nourishing our bodies with tasty, mood-boosting tacos.


> The vegan Taco Cleanse prohibits all meat and dairy fillings






Not convinced? If Jennifer Lawrence jumping on board isn’t enough to make you want to join the Taco team, the official “The Taco Cleanse” cookbook is already out of stock. Now that’s proof of a diet worth trying if ever we saw it.