The SOFY Period Advert: Offensive Or Hilarious?

Australian company SOFY has come under fire for its opinion-dividing advert about periods.

We all know that we sometimes turn into a slightly less pleasant version of ourselves when it’s that time of the month. And SOFY’s clearly attempting to tap into women’s cranky ‘period alter-egos’ with its tongue-and-cheek ad promoting the brand’s SoFresh pads. 

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In the advert, we see an attractive woman about to leave the house when she’s suddenly faced with an angrier, crankier, and more red-faced version of herself in the hallway as ‘PERIOD DUE’ flashes up on her phone.

This would be pretty LOLs in itself, except that fact that the ‘period version’ of herself happens to be a few dress sizes larger. Hmm.



We can totally relate to the idea that we can all turn into a bit of a monster when our period arrives. Yelling at the pizza delivery guy, crying to movies that really aren’t even that sad and refusing to get our of our pyjamas for entire weekends as we wallow in self-pity (OH, THE CRAMPS!) are scenarios that are all too familiar.

And there’s no denying that our periods can also bring those lovely side-effects of leaving you feeling majorly bloated and, let’s be honest, slightly less attractive. 

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But the company has totally divided opinion on Twitter, with some viewers accusing the brand of ‘fat-shaming’ by depicting the second woman as heavier.

‘”How about we fat-shame AND period shame our target audience? Surely they’ll have to buy our product then, right?” Nah. #SofyBeFresh’, wrote one angry viewer.



‘That #SofyBeFresh advert is shameful. Terrible stereotyping of women. Get it off the air’, slammed another.

But other women did see the funny side, and were saluting the advert for ringing true. ‘Ok… whats the fuss about the #sofybefresh ad – I think its very relatable!’, wrote one Twitter user. 

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‘Surely it’s ok to laugh about our period? Or am I being naive?’ commented another.

Well, it’s certainly got people talking. Do you find the SOFY Be Fresh ad offensive or hilarious? Let us know after watching it below…