LOOK Meets Frankie Sandford To Chat All Things Strictly

The Saturdays’ Frankie Sandford is gearing up to show off her twinkle toes on BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing 2014. So we decided to grab her for a chat to find out how the new mum was feeling about her big ballroom debut…

Hi Frankie! How’s training going?

It’s intense. We just did this thing where we all stood in a circle, and so did the pro dancers, then we all do a couple of moves with whichever pro was in front of us then the music stops and they rotate round so you dance with all of them. Like speed dating!

We’ve just heard that Simon Webbe is the clear winner?

In that case, I’ll have to trip him up later!

Do you feel pressure because you have danced in the band?

It does feel like added pressure a bit, but although I’m used to learning routines, this style of dance is completely different. You think you’ve got it and then you see all the pros do it and you realise you look nothing like them!

You turned down Strictly last year because you were pregnant, do you feel ready this year?

The timing definitely feels right. Strictly has grown so much, it gets bigger each year. As much as it’s a competition, people are here to enjoy themselves. I’ve never met anyone who hasn’t loved it. I can’t believe some of the people they’ve got.

Like who?

Well, I never would’ve expected Caroline Flack to do it. I think everyone was quite shocked that she was coming to do it. We’ve just never seen that side to her but she’s great, such a good dancer.

Which dance are you most nervous about?

I don’t even know the names! Ballroom scares me.

Will your diet change? 

I went home after our first training session and was so hungry I felt like I’d had an eight-hour workout. Everyone says you change and transform as the weeks go on but if I carry on eating pizza every night I’ll change for the wrong reasons!

Are you worried about the Strictly Relationship Curse? Many couples haven’t survived…

Nah. It’s only happened to a few people, but it’s just turned into hype more than anything. I’m used to be being really busy and working al the time. Not worried at all.

By Scarlett Russell