Find The Perfect Engagement Ring For Your Star Sign

Finding your dream engagement ring can be tough, with so many to choose from. But what if your star sign could help? 

Your star sign doesn’t just spell out your signature personality traits, but also your sense of style and your taste in design.

Which is why we’ve created a handy guide for picking your perfect ring by looking to the stars…

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Aries are feisty creatures, which is why you’ll need a ring to match all of that inner confidence of yours. You steer towards bold colours, like red, and of course, dazzlling diamonds. 

Ruby And White Gold Diamond Ring, £399



As a Taurus, you know what you want, and you’re not afraid to get it. You’re also into quality over quantity, so your dream engagement ring needs to make a statement – diamonds and pastel pink hues will definitely do it for you.

Vintage Pink Sapphire And Diamond Engagement Ring, £521


You’re a playful soul, which is why you tend to favour an interesting silhouette and a touch of edge when it comes to your fashion buys – but you refuse to be pinned down to any one particular style. This solitaire ring has the perfect element of surprise.

Little Diamond Solitaire Ring, £295


True to your star sign, you’ll be after an elegant and understated ring. Oh, and you’re a total sucker for pearls… A stunning silver and white ring would make the perfect partner for your sleek and chic wardrobe.

Freshwater Pearl And Diamond Twist Ring, £518



If there’s one thing we know about Leos, it’s that they’re are loud, and they’re not afraid to be noticed – which is why you’ll want your engagement ring to totally steal the spotlight. Dazzle with gold or yellow stones to compliment your bright and sparky personality.

Yellow Cushion Cut Diamond Halo Ring, £1,597.50


As a Virgo, you’re meticulous in what you like and are known for your impressive attention to detail, which is why you’ll be after a ring that’s not only unique, but delicate and practical, too. This Alex Munroe beauty should be right up your alley.

Alex Monroe Gold Diamond Fine Bark Engagement Ring, £2,385


With sapphires as youre birthstone, there’s no denying that blue is your colour. Just like Kate Middleton with her royal blue bling, you’ll lean towards a ring with a blue stone and plenty of diamonds, but only if the balance is timeless and classy.

Three Stone Sapphire And Diamond Ring, £656



Intense is your middle name, and you’re attracted to dark and moody colours such as black and red, so a dainty princess ring just won’t cut it for you. A ring with rubies instead will spell out your innate passion, and you’ll look for a design that’s edgier than the norm.

Princess Black Diamond and Ruby Engagement Ring Set, £874



Your ring will be totally unique, just like you, and you’ll fall in love with it instantly. Seeing as purple is your power colour, we wouldn’t be surprised to see an amethyst stone in there, and an interesting silhouette or shade to boot.

Theo Fennell Amethyst Coronet Ring, £925


You are one sophisticated lady with strong traditional values – and you expect the same qualities in your dream engagement ring. A dazzling diamond rock that can be seen from a mile off is guaranteed to set your heart aflutter.

Debenhams Love Story White Gold Diamond Ring, £1099


Water signs are traditionally associated with blues, and as an Aquarius, turquoise is your hue of choice. You’re after a ring that’s full of personality and spirit, and that conveys your individuality, which is why a turquoise tone will work perfectly with your diamond bling. Wear it with pride.

Sapphire Diamond White Gold Ring, £245



A Pisces bride is a true romantic, and should look for a ring that glistens like the sea, seeing as her sign symbol is the fish. This sparkling beauty is perfect.

77 Diamonds Rose Gold Pear Cut Engagement Ring, £1480.45