The Optical Illusion Bag That’s Made Us Scream Oh Em Gee

Instagram: @JumpFromPaper

We’ve got a new handbag obsession. And it’s boggling our brains.

It’s all about the optical illusion bags.


Yup, these are bags. Real life, tangible, can-hold-all-of-your-stuff-in bags.

Enter, Jump From Paper. A new brand on the block. The clue is in the name, really.


Championing 3D design, these bags have been made to look like cartoons – jumping straight from the page, and onto your shoulder. The campaign shots are eye-catching enough, with the models standing against pop-colour backdrops, clutching onto their cartoon-esque arm candy.



But it’s the street style shots that REALLY have us reeling. In a normal everday setting, these bags stand out a mile – and it’s so hard to believe that they’re as real as you and me.



These bags come in at around €100, and the brand ships worldwide. It’s safe to say that they’re totally unique, so if you’d love one, it’s worth the investment.


Jump From Paper

What’s your verdict? Would you, or wouldn’t you?

It’s got the office divided; some say it’s an interweb hoax, other’s have been reminded of #TheDress.

But one thing’s for sure, our brains hurt…

By Laura Jane Turner