The New Zara ‘It’ Top You Are Going To Need In Your Life

Pics: Zara/Instagram/Leandra Medine/SheComesInColours

Get in line ladies.

Those lovely peeps at Zara are looking to repeat the success they had earlier year with a certain embroidered peasant top…and you know what that means. Fingers on mouses. Get ready for this new season offering to land in-store and online because you can guarantee this beauty won’t be around for long.

> On your marks ladies…


At the start of the summer, bloggers, street stylers, fashion editors…in fact, anyone with an iota of style sense went crazy for the blue and white embroidered Zara boho blouse, simply because it looked so flipping good with anything you teamed it with. Blogger and Instagrammer Man Repeller championed the piece in a series of Insta snaps that whipped social media into a poet blouse-induced frenzy.

Blogger Sofia AKA She Comes In Colours gushed:

‘You could say that this little folk jacket is kind of Insta-famous now! > It got some serious attention on my Instagram with people asking me everything from where in the store I found it and what the product number was and I can totally understand! When Zara get’s it right, they really get it right!

To be perfectly honest, I saw it first on Man repeller’s instagram and then a few days later I decided to try it on when I saw it at the store after all, immitation is the best form of flattery!’

> Zara’s blouse was an instant hit with the Instagrammers

Before too long, the top was pretty much sold out everywhere, and everytime an unlucky shopper spotted one on a passer-by, you could feel the collective envy from fifty paces. Who’d have thought one simple shirt could cause such a commotion?

Well, for all of you that had a little bit of a cry about that folk blouse-shaped hole in your capsule summer wardrobe, get ready for some happy news. Zara are about to release another embroidered peasant top to rival its first, and to say that we’re super excited is a BIT of an understatement. Team LOOK posted a pic of the (soon to be released) blouse on our Instagram, and no joke, we recieved over 500 likes in a matter of hours. Yep. Crazy.

So, if like us you are champing at the sartotial bit, don’t forget to check in with Zara online daily to give yourself a fair chance at nabbing one of these must-have blouses.

See you at the check-out.