The New Tattoo Trend We’re All Ears About

The new place to get inked is in your ears. Yep, tiny ear tattoos are now all the range

There’s a new tattoo trend in town and you won’t believe your ears!

Yep, tiny ear tattoos are now a thing and are rapidly replacing piercings.

Multiple earrings have been around for a while. You’re more likely to see girls and guys with lots of ear piercings, than none. And whilst the trend isn’t going away completely, it’s time for the masses to take a change in direction. And we for one are definitely on board.

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We’ve been inking our arms, legs and wrists to name a few, for years now and tattooing has never been more popular. Artists are continuing to find new and unusual places to ink. It’s the ultimate modern way to express yourself and there has now never been more options.

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Until now, ears were saved for piercings only. But if Pinterest and Instagram are anything to go by, ears are the new tattoo area of choice for many many ink fans.

And Cara Delevingne is one of them. The Brit model turned actress has multiple tattoos including a lion on her finger. But the blonde babe now has stars an a diamond in and around her right ear. The star has no doubt sparked many more ear tattoos as people try to channel Ms Delevingne’s look. Any why wouldn’t they?

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We’ve done some research and we’ve found some wonderfully weird and creative designs. From music notes to spiderwebs, and even a ‘Huh?’ ink. Genius. You can ink in the ear, around the ear and even across it. Check out #eartattoos on Instgram for inspiration.

Check out our favourites for your next visit to the tattoo parlour ….

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