Ghostbusters Is Back! What You Need To Know

When we got word that the original Ghostbusters movie was going to be remade into an all-female version, we were a teeny bit apprehensive – I mean, can anyone really live up to the classic quartet’s hilarious visions of saving the world? That said, the second we heard that Bridesmaids director Paul Feig would be taking the reins, we were immediately reassured. To make things even better, the new ghostbusting quartet will be made up of Bridesmaids stars Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Wiig as Abby Yates and Erin Gilbert, and Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones as Jillian Holtzmann and Patty Tolan. Cue major excitement.

But the latest news might just be the best yet. According to a tweet by director Paul Feig, Sigourney Weaver will be appearing in the remake, although it has not yet been confirmed whether the actress will reprise her role as Dana Barrett.

Previously, Melissa McCarthy also posted a brilliant Instagram snap of the female-dominated masterminds behind the movie, captioned: ‘3 cheers to @theellenshow from all the remarkable women of #ghostbusters. When we stand together we are unstoppable! #girlpower’.

> #GirlPower: Melissa McCarthy posted this snap of the Ghostbusters cast and crew


It doesn’t stop there. Former reports suggested that Chris Hemsworth a.k.a Thor had been tapped as the new Ghostbusters’ secretary, but a recent photo showing the actress kitted out in full ghostbusting jumpsuit suggests otherwise. Variety said: “Insiders say the studio went to Hemsworth very early on in the process for one of the male roles, but the Aussie actor passed because the role was too small. Since then Sony has sent the script back to be reworked so the part could be beefed up.” It’s all too good to be true.

64-year-old film legend Bill Murray will also be making a cameo appearance in the remake as Martin Heiss, a professional supernatural debunker who stands in opposition to the new team. Ooh. Having starred in the original, Murray had previously expressed his disinterest to be involved in a remake, but boy are we glad he changed his mind!

Meanwhile, an all-male version remains in the pipeline, with MTV reporting that scriptwriter Drew Pearce has finished a draft. Cast members are yet to be revealed, although whispers suggest Channing Tatum may grace our screens as one quarter of the ghostbusting gang. And, we can’t help but hope the snap of jumpsuited Chris Hemsworth may have been on set of the all-male version. After all, who wouldn’t want a Magic Mike/Thor collaboration?

If, like us, you are itching to see Paul Feig’s all-female cast show the men how it’s done, the film is set to hit screens on July 15th 2016. Meet you there!

By Bridie Wilkins