The New Fitness Craze Celebs And Models Are Raving About

Fancy getting a bod even models go green with envy at? Want to lose weight but not overjoyed about running 10k marathons or sweating it out at the gym everyday? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Forget traditional sleepy yoga and faint-inducing Bikram yoga, it’s all about getting toned and trim with the new yoga styles models and celebs can’t get enough of.

First up is the latest workout craze that our fave catwalkers are taking to new heights – Aerial Yoga. Using slings that hang from the ceiling, supermodels Natasha Poly and Angela Lindvall are just a few of the increasing fan base obsessed with the suspended yoga poses helping them stay svelte. Taking inspiration from acrobatics, don’t be put off by the intimidating and technical looking moves, you don’t need an arsenal of circus skills to nail this one. The perfect way to work out and stay at home, the slings can be set up pretty much anywhere. Say goodbye to gymwear paranoia.

Or, if you prefer to hang from someone else’s ceiling (just think of the insurance) Aerial Yoga classes are springing up all over London. We’ve always wanted to know how bats feel…

Natasha Poly gets her yoga on Natasha Poly gets her yoga on


Next up is Lena Dunham’s latest foray into fitness – Acro Yoga. Ok, so this one definitely looks a little difficult, but we say if Lena can do it, then by gum we can too! Taking a more spiritual, if equally acrobatic, approach to yoga, Acro (as it’s called by those in the know) brings together yoga, acrobatics and dance all with the help of a supporting workout partner. Aaaw.

Lena Dunham taking on Koha Yoga Lena Dunham taking on Acro Yoga

Moves include complex balancing positions (see Lena) which help concentration, strength and flexibility. We’re assuming it’s not too bad for your figure either. Gaining celeb fans by the day, we have a feeling Acro is about to explode. With a ginormous community (check out their Instagram) and awesome AC/DC esque branded t shirts, we’re totally on board.If it’s good enough for Lena, it’s good enough for us.

Lena's impressive yoga skils Lena’s impressive yoga skils

By George Driver