The Made In Chelsea Boys’ New York Makeover Is Priceless

Made In Chelsea New York, will you just hurry up please?

We feel like our favourite SW3 gang have been Stateside for ages now, and we’re dying to know what’s been happening in the Big Apple. Tears? Fighting? Jamie and Lucy sharing beds but don’t-worry-Riley-they’re-just-friends? Who knows, but very soon we shall find out…

Since being in the States we’ve been keeping tabs on the cast to perve on their fabulous outfits and drive ourselves crazy with jealousy over their NY party antics.

But what’s this? It looks like our fave Chelsea boys Spencer Matthews and Oliver Proudlock have undergone an, er, interesting makeover since being overseas…

With Spenny sporting a pair of flat, flicky brown curtains and Pruders rocking some sort of dodgy cocker spaniel/David-Beckham-throwback hybrid, the boys aren’t looking their usual sharp selves. And it seems co-star pal Stevie Johnson agrees.

‘New York has not been good to them @spencergeorgem @proudlock’, he wrote alongside the snap.

Now we know the ’90s revival is oh-so-hot right now, but these hairstyles are quite frankly unforgivable, boys.

Better fix up sharp and get those ‘dos whipped into shape pronto before the new series rolls round…

By Robyn Munson

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