The LOL Guide To Announcing Your Engagement On Facebook

Getting engaged is one of the most momentous events in a girl’s life.

So when it happens to you, you obviously want to tell the entire world. And what better way to do that than on Facebook?!

However, announcing your happy news isn’t quite as simple as it sounds – you can’t just plonk a status up and be done with it.

There’s actually quite an art to letting everyone know that you’re a proud Mrs-to-be. Well, according to these celebrities anyway…

1) Don’t take yourself too seriously

Remember this: The term ‘funny cats’ gets more than 360,000 monthly searches on Google. People want humour, not a sonnet about your perfect relationship all over their news feeds.

Lindsey Gort The Carrie Diaries’ Lindsey Gort gives us a glimpse of her rock


Plus, that slushy stuff REALLY isn’t fair on the single people.

To show just how cool and quirky you are, try showing off your ring in a faux shocked pose. It’ll go down a storm.

Frankie Bridge and her husband Wayne Bridge Frankie Bridge has got this move nailed


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2) Choose a perfect backdrop

Okay, so you’ve decided to screw the cats theory and go for full-on romance by posting a cute couple shot.

But you and your partner can’t just be standing in your lounge with The X Factor on in the background. Nuh-uh. Think a beach, sunset or a blossoming meadow.

Rochelle and Marvin Humes Marvin Humes popped the question to wife Rochelle in the Maldives


3) Write a snappy caption

After Millie Mackintosh got engaged to Professor Green, she teased fans with the words: ‘If I could scream loud enough for the whole world to hear I would.’ Alongside a mandatory ring shot, obvs.

Millie Mackintosh's engagement ring Millie Mackintosh wrote the perfect caption on her ring photo


4) …or say something super-emotional

Make like Julianne Hough and dedicate an entire blog post to your engagement, giving your pals a much-needed insight into how your beloved other half popped the question.

Julianne Hough's blog post Julianne Hough penned a poignant blog post


5) Don’t forget your manicure

Your ring could be worth £6 million and have once belonged to Henry VIII’s first wife, but it’ll still look shoddy if your nails are unpainted.

Lauren Conrad's engagement ring Lauren Conrad’s nails are immaculate


6) Thank everyone for their kind messages

The UNIMAGINABLE has happened. Someone has let your engagement news slip before you’ve had the chance to write your status *sobs*.

But there’s still time to salvage things. Just write a moving post thanking people for their kind words (and ensure everyone knows exactly how many messages you’ve received, Miss Popular).

Michelle Keegan's TweetMichelle Keegan took to Twitter to confirm her and Mark Wright’s engagement


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7) Don’t stop there!

Because what your Facebook friends REALLY want is to read all about your hen do bants, flower arrangements and table plan dramas for the next 10 months.

Ah. We jest, but we genuinely are happy for you (and can’t wait to see your dress!).