The New IPhone Glitch That’s Turning Off Alarms

It’s been reported that a glitch in the newest iPhone software update has caused a whole bunch of people to miss their alarms this week.

It looks as though Apple’s handy overnight update feature caused a few more problems than expected. The bug affects users of iOS 9, which lets you install and update while you’re sleeping, convenient, eh? Erm, maybe not…

Installing the update this way unfortuantley forces your phone to restart shutting off any alarms you had set before bed. Yikes!

This led to a total Twitter frenzy this week. After users experienced the problem and overslept, they took to the social networking site to vent their frustrations. Whatever happened to a good old fashioned alarm clock we wonder?

Luckily you can make sure you don’t get caught out by the glitch by manually updating your iPhone instead of letting it do it’s own thing overnight. Just go to Settings>General>Software Update, once it’s done set your alarm and it should stay on as long as your phones switched on and has battery, obvs.

Rest assured iPhone users, alarms work fine once the update is all installed, so no using that as your late for work excuse for long!