Disney gets sophisticated

The High Street Loves: Disney Fashion Collabs

(l-r) Mango Sweatshirt, £29.99, Disney Watch, £40

Forgetting 50 Shades Of Grey, it would be fair to say that the film we’re super excited about seeing this year is Cinderella. Disney’s latest live-action Disney princess film is set to be the most magical yet and with Emma Watson confirmed to play Belle in the next 3D installment, Beauty And The Beast, we’ve officially got major Disney fever.

Just as well the high street is with us, eh? With new Disney fashion collabs springing up at stores everywhere, it’s clear, we all want a slice of the Disney dream. From Topshop’s Disney princess selfie PJ set to Uni Qlo’s special edition Disney tees, it looks as if the cartoon creations are on everybody’s collaboration hit-list.

Keep things classy with Mango’s adorable monochrome sequin sweater or add a subtle nod to Mickey’s missus with Disney’s chic silver wristwatch. As for us, we’ll be investing in an adult size Cinderella dress ready for the premiere darling. Well someone’s got to go to the bal!


(l-r) Uni Qlo T Shirt, £9.90, Topshop Pyjamas, £22

By George Driver