The Furry Sandals Storming Instagram: Do You Dare?

Remember back in the summer of 2013? Celine had just revived the most unexpected of fashion icons: the Birkenstock. But, more than that, these designer beauties came lined with blue and white fur, created to give your feet a snuggly sandal experience. Well, although the Birkenstock was seen on just about every pair of stylish feet after that show, it seems the rest of the world is only just coming to terms with the furry additions.

That’s right, just when you thought you’d got your heads round fashion’s most bonkers trends, Instagram only goes and makes fur slip-ons a certified thing for the new season. Fashion insiders all over the world (most notably the one and only Alexa Chung) have been taking to social media to express their delight/horror/surprise over the latest footwear offering: the Furkinstock. Yep, leading the charge is the original King of the sandal, with classic Birkenstocks created with an added furry inner. Alexa posted a pic of these divisive shoes with the caption: ‘My feet might feel humiliated, but I would be very happy in these.’

But it seems not everyone shares the Chung’s reluctance, as we’ve spotted many a street styler out and about in their own fluffed-up versions and- you won’t believe it- but now the high street is making sure that we acknowledge a furry detail. From Topshop to Ugg, there are plenty of faux fur sandals lining the shelves of our favourite shopping haunts, making us wonder whether or not we’ll be investing in this trend. So far, we’ve clocked trendsetters rocking theirs with anything from dungarees to tailored separates like the fearless fashion followers that they are.

We’re keeping our eyes firmly on Instagram to see who’s next to succumb to the snuggly warmth of Furkinstocks- will they even make an appearance at fashion week? Has Alexa actually bought a pair? And- perhaps most importantly of all- will YOU be donning some super furry sandals come spring?

By Hannah Banks-Walker