The Fifty Shades Of Grey Lingerie Line Is Here

Fifty Shades of Grey mania shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon. As filming begins on the movie in Vancouver, author E.L. James has hooked up with Swedish fashion house KappAhl to create a lingerie line based on the book.

Like us, you might be expecting bondage inspired bras and pants and lots of PVC, but actually, the collection is full of super pretty pieces in elegant satin and lace. Though a nod to Christian Grey’s kinky side comes in the form of a lacy mask.

Needless to say, grey reigns supreme in the colour scheme, along with classic black and vampy red. We’ve got to say, as merchandise goes, it definitely beats the endless handcuff key chains and ‘Mrs Grey’ T-shirts.

We’ll still be leaving the whips and chains to Christian and Anastasia though.

By Gemma Gow