Now You Can Compete In Your Very Own Crystal Maze Show!

If, like us, you were die-hard fans of cult 90s TV show The Crystal Maze, this might just be the best news you’ve heard all year.

Yep, the game show presented by Richard O’Brien is to return as a ‘live immersive’ experience next year – and tickets are on sale now!

Running on Channel 4 from 1990 to 1995, The Crystal Maze was everything you could wish for in a game show, featuring teams of track-suited contestants competing in various mental and physical challenges across Medieval, Future, Aztec and Industrial themed zones.

As if sofa binging wasn’t enough, though, a crowdfunding campaign launched by three hardcore fans means that members of the public can now experience the show first-hand.


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Of course, an opportunity this rare doesn’t come cost-free – tickets will be distributed on a pay-per-play basis at £50 each. That’ll get you an hour and 45 minutes in a REAL LIFE Crystal Maze, followed by a bar and viewing platform afterwards.









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On top of all that, the campaign has raised a whopping £900,000 so far, leaving us convinced it’s going to be pretty darn spectacular.

In fact, construction work has already started on an impressive 30,000 ft space between London’s King’s Cross and Angel.

Excited? To cap things off, the website says: “You and your team take on tests on mind, body and skills set in the four adventure time zones of the legendary TV show.

“Your team of 8 will be put through their paces by our guides, competing against 3 other teams in a variety of trials that test their personal effectiveness and skills as a team. For each test completed they will earn a Crystal, for each Crystal they receive they will earn more time in the final challenge: The Crystal Dome.”

Oh, and we’d suggest getting tickets ASAP – the website crashed just moments after releasing them yesterday..

To the dome!