The Celeb-Loved Trick To Getting Amazing Abs… By Sleeping

There’s a whole new work out trend in town, and for once, you don’t have to budge an inch to do it! In fact Yep, welcome to SLUMBA – Sleep Zumba, favorited by the likes of Sienna Miller, Kate Hudson and even 90s comeback band Daphne and Celeste.

So what is this brand new fitness trend all about? Slumba, a variation of everyone’s favourite dance-based workout class is the easiest way to burn calories – in your sleep. Er, flipping brilliant, right?

Simply download the designated Slumba tunes, pop on a pair of specialist pair of cordless comfort headphones, use your mattress as a resting place and turn up the beats to burn over 500 calories every night.

The way it works is all down to very clever science. “The soundwaves actually penetrate the brain, causing muscle spasms which actually melt fat instantly,” says Dr. Mackin Itup, a specialist in sleep-related fitness.

That’s good enough for us! Anyone for a Slumba party? Ready, set, snooze… Zzzzz