The Catwalk-Inspired Primark Boots Hitting Shelves This Summer

Primark are owning budget footwear right now. First, their Zara-inspired strappy heels left the shoe shelves bare in 2012, then they introduced a fresher, colour-block update on those heels, and we’ve been banging on about them for months, and now, now they’ve designed these bad boys.

Giving Topshop and Office a serious run for their money in the AW13 boot stakes, these gorgeous buckle-detail heels look far pricier than their Primark price tag.

They’re not out in stores just yet, and we haven’t even got a price for them, but as soon as we clapped eyes on this Instagram snap, we knew we had to share them with you and ASAP.

We’ll fill you in when we’ve got more details, but for now, let’s all just stare at these Primark shoes. Stare at them and pray that you can clasp hands on them during the stampede that will undoubtedly ensue the minute they land in-store. In fact, it’s probably best you start going for a few runs now, ya know, just to practise…

By Hannah Gale, 20 May 2013

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