The Cannes Heels Rule Gets A Furious Reaction On Twitter

In case you hadn’t heard, Cannes Film Festival has banned flat shoes from its red carpets.

Yep, you heard us right. In a controversial move that’s got Twitter reacting in an outraged frenzy, the film festival is reportedly turning women away from screenings if they’re not rocking high heels.

Screen Daily reports the women were turned away from a screening of Cate Blanchett’s new film, Carol, for wearing rhinestone flats instead of stilettos. We mean, how dare they. 

Cannes Film Festival has since declined to comment on the matter, but Screen has reported that it confirm that it was obligatory for all women to wear high heels to red-carpet showings.

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> Emily Blunt has slammed the new ‘heels only’ rule at Cannes Film Festival


And obviously, the reaction has not been good. 

With many calling the new rule ‘sexist’, actress Emily Blunt said in a press conference on Tuesday that all women should wear flat shoes, adding that a heels-only dress code for women would be ‘very disappointing, just when you kind of think there are these new waves of equality.’

Outspoken author Caitlin Moran has also hit Twitter to express her outrage at the no-flats policy, posting: ‘All the men should INSIST that THEY wear heels, in solidarity. Man, I would like to see that red carpet #cannesheels.’

In an even sneakier move, although Cannes director Thierry Fremaux recently tweeted to say that the heels-only rule was ‘unfounded’, we’ve heard that the festival is allowing security guards to enforce the rule to avoid having to release an official statement. Wow.

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The event’s organisers had also hoped to pull an Anna-Wintour-at-the-Met-Gala and cut down on red carpet selfies.

‘We are waging a campaign to slow down the contemporary practice of selfies on the red carpet and the steps’, Thierry said in a press conference to launch Cannes Film Festival. ‘Beyond what we think, it’s a practice that’s often extremely ridiculous and grotesque.’

It didn’t last long though, with the no-selfie rule soon being flouted by celebrities including Salma Hayek, Paris Hilton and Eva Longoria.

We predict a similar boycott to #Cannesheels gate. Watch out Cannes, these A-listers are NOT to be messed with…

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> That ‘no-selfie’ rule isn’t working out so well at Cannes Film Festival so far