Best Fitness Gadgets: The Nike Air Flyknit

The Best Fitness Gadgets

Fitness Gadgets. They can totally up your fitness game, but which ones are worth the money and which ones not so much? We’ve picked out our best picks for 2015. These really are the gadgets to get you going…

> Best Fitness Gadgets: Garmin


Garmin Vivofit 2 Tracker

The Garmin Vivofit 2 is the tracker that reminds you to stay active all day long. It follows your movements 24/7 and if you lose track throughout the day, an alert will sound after an hour of inactivity.


> Best Fitness Gadgets: PoolMate

PoolMate Watch
If you’re a water baby, this waterproof watch could totally change your morning laps. It counts lap times so you can use it to push yourself with every session. It also works out calories. Nifty!



Nike+ Training Club

Grab your mates for a fitness session with this incredible app. Like a personal trainer in your pocket, choose from over 100 different routines and set yourself weekly challenges to get fit, fast! Free,  iOS and Android

Charity Miles
Some of us need an extra motivation to get our trainers on – and there’s no better incentive than helping others. Every time you track your walk, run or cycle ride on this app, you can earn money for charities, all funded by the company’s sponsors.

Free, iOs and Android

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TRX Suspension Home Trainer Kit
You might have tried it in the gym but this home suspension kit will transform your routine. They’re easy to use, mobile and you can do all sorts of moves with them, which is perfect for mixing up your workout so you don’t experience an exercise plateau.



Lumba Curve
This clever device lets people with back pain still get the exercise they enjoy, by helping to stretch it out. Small and light, it’s perfect to take to pilates class or the gym.


> Best Fitness Gadgets

Tanita BC-301 Scales
You might not be a big fan of scales, but these are pretty brainy. Not only do they reveal your weight also your body fat percentage, muscle mass, BMI and hydration levels!


> Best Fitness Gadgets


Shock Absorber Ultimate Run Bra

This bra is your new breast friend (sorry!) Designed specifically for runners it reduced bounce by up to 78% and provides ultimate friction free comfort, plus its support system counteracts the breasts natural figure-of-eight movement that happens when running. Who knew a bra could be so clever?


Nike Air Zoom Odyssey Women’s Running Shoe

These seriously gorgeous trainers will give you serious gym kudos. The latest from Nike Air the three foam densities in the midsole help make sure you are running just right, and the flywire cables (yep, no stopping to tie your laces) ensure a glovelike fit.

£110, Nike

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