The Beckham’s Family Album: New Year’s Party

Instagram: @brooklyn777beckham

There’s a new member of the Beckham family that everyone’s talking about.

Today is the day we’re all back to normality; whether school or work, we were awoken by the unfamiliar sound of the alarm clock this morning (before snoozing it for another 10 minutes of comfort… just us?).

But for the Beckham’s, the fun is still going.

And what better pictures to be looking at to brighten up our day?

It seems that little Brooklyn is fast becoming a celebrity to rival his parents – and he knows where it’s at. After causing an online craze in December of last year by opening his own Twitter account, David Beckham’s son has also become an expert on Instagram. He first drew us in by sharing some intimate snaps at Sir Elton’s wedding, and now he’s giving us a rare insight into the real lives of the Beckham’s.


After spending a traditional family Christmas together – with a dinner cooked by pal Gordon Ramsey, no less – Victoria, David and their two young lads celebrated the entry into New Year in the Maldives. Surrounded by palm trees and fireworks, Brooklyn danced the night away, stopping to take some cute snaps with his Mum and Dad. Aw, bless.


Of course, there was another family member in tow – and Brooklyn made sure to show some brotherly love, with a gorgeous snap with Romeo watching the sunset together.

Taking a leaf out of Mama Beckham’s book, the aspiring model looked every inch the young fashionista, rocking some fitted jeans with white high top trainers, and an understated matching white tee. Move over, Justin Bieber.


Who needs Keeping Up With The Kardashian‘s when you’ve got a live picture feed from the most famous Brit family?

Ok, we still do. But this is the next best thing.

Written by Laura Jane Turner