9 Avril Lavigne Looks We All Tried At Least Once

Oh Avril Lavigne.

We aren’t ashamed to admit that you’ve taught us a lot over the years.

Since exploding into our adolescent lives with debut anthem Complicated, you’ve pretty much become the world’s favourite pop-punk princess – and, along with preaching about boys (guy + skateboard = love everlasting) and teaching us how to embrace our teen angst, you also gave us a multitude of style trends that we all desperately tried to copy…at least once.

So in celebration of your 31st birthday today Avril, we’ve come up with 9 of the best style inspos you’ve ever given us…


1. The Geek Glasses

No nan, they aren’t prescription.



2. The School Tie

At least it was the one fashion statement we didn’t have to pay for.

> She’s Complicated


3.The HEAVY Eyeliner

Because we had issues and wanted to look utterly terrifying. Obvs.



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4. The Shants

‘Shants’, for those not listening to obscene amounts of ska-punk back in the noughties, were a pants/shorts mash-up worn by girls and boys alike. Basically, long shorts. And Avril loved them. Especially when accessorised with an uber practical wallet chain.

> Nothing said ‘rock chick’ louder than a wallet chain


5. The Neon Streaks

Our Avril loved tinkering around with that long hair of hers, and it wasn’t unusual for her to be rocking more than one accent streak at any one point. It’s worth noting that in this clip she is also wearing fingerless gloves, black nail varnish and hundreds of studded bangles. All of which could be purchased (and were purchased) in your local Claire’s Accessories.



6. The Corsets

Any Avril fan worth her salt knew that sometimes you had to sex things up a bit. Enter the punk corset. Customise with safety pins/skulls/pink ribbons for extra sass.

> The punk corset was best worn with ridiculously baggy jeans and/or skate shoes


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7. The Trucker Cap

Sigh. Oh the trucker cap. It looked so badass on Avril, and so daft on us.


8. The Studded Belt/Braces Combo

If you didn’t own at least one studded accessory, then you may as well have left your pop-punk style game at the door. Bracelets, cuffs, trainers – all of these were perfectly acceptable, but a studded belt was the crowning glory of your Av’ inspired ensemble. And If you had braces? Well, you were one step away from becoming Avril herself.

> You always had to up your stud game

9. The Attitude

If you didn’t have the Avril attitude, no amount of studding, skulls or pairs of baggy pants could save you. You had to live the image, flip the bird an unecessary amount of times (but not in front of the rents), and make devil horns at every given opportunity. Happy Birthday Avril Lavigne. You totally taught us how to be cool.