The 7 Style Types You Are Bound To See At LFW

It’s that special time of year again people….

Yep, London Fashion Week is finally upon us and the whole city is about to descend into a glorious state of fash’ frenzy, populated by achingly cool-for-school street stylers, the industry elite, and packs of harassed photographers stumbling over each other for the hottest pap.

And, in and amongst this mob of well-dressed fashionistas and professional style insiders, you’ll find certain très chic sub-cultures that flock around Somerset House like moths to a FROW flame.

Here are the 7 LFW posses you are bound to run into….

1. The Models

You’ll spot these amazonian beauties bouncing down Sloane Street in branded runners, slouchy beanies and leather joggers, clutching a carton of coconut water and overstuffed tote bags. And obvs, looking gorgeous doing it. Pfft.



2. The Bloggers

Fashion bloggers are the fashion nu-school, and we love how they aren’t afraid to sack off the status quo when it comes to rocking a signature street style. Natural rule breakers, these beauties can be found nonchalantly hanging around Somerset House, wearing something jaw-dropping stylish and/or *slightly* bonkers. Amen.



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3. The Editors

Expect no mercy if you find yourself in the path of a seasoned fashion editor between shows – he/she will take you down if you think about messing with the schedule. Seasoned pros, these individuals are not here to make friends/quaff free champers/nick goody bags. They are on a mission to bring fabulous to the masses – unless of course they bump into Mossy. Then it’s bring on the bubbles.


4. The A-List

Because everyone knows that LFW is the place to be seen, expect an influx of super cool celebs just out on a fashion jolly, getting papped having ALL the lols, and pushing up the FROW . And let’s face it, we all want to be part of this crew.


5. The Photographers

Spare a thought for the poor street style photographers that brave the elements in order to steal the flyest fashion shot. These lads are working long hours at grass roots level, under impossible conditions like miserable London lighting, rogue handbags, and the odd industry mogul telling them in no uncertain terms to sling their hook. God bless you all, you mad lot.


6. The Interns

A law unto themselves, the ‘can do’ fashion intern is often found walking aimlessly in Covent Garden balancing fifteen trays of sushi atop a carboard carrier tray of coffees whilst punching postcodes into Citymapper. A juggler of four phones and bona fide Uber expert, this talented multi-tasker can cover many miles in just one afternoon. Props.


7. The Catwalk ‘Surprise Guest’

Because you never know who might turn up…..