The Oscars Menu Will Blow Your Mind

Forget raw bison, this Sunday Leo will be feasting on real gold. Yep, if Leo walks home without a golden statue in tow (sob!) he will be able to commiserate by gorging on the 5,000 miniature chocolate Oscars covered in 24-karat gold on offer to him.

Oscars 2016 Menu A casual 24-karat gold snack

This sweet treat is just one of the extravagant foodie treats being served up at the post-Oscars Governors Ball. The Governors Ball is the official Oscars after party and THE place to celebrate (or drown your sorrows) after the formal ceremony.

Hosted in a ballroom adjacent to the Dolby theatre, the party is known for its lavish catering arrangements – and this year is no different. Once again the party has enlisted the help of celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck to create the menu, and he’s created a banquet fit for kings.

Oscars 2016 Menu Wolfgang himself…

“People come straight from the ceremony and everyone is hungry,” Puck told E! News. And he definitely took this into consideration when prepping the menu.

The 1500 guests will dine on 2,000 mini-burgers, seafood dishes made with 500 lobsters, 40 king crabs and 35 whole wild salmon, and other dishes including chicken potpie, smoked salmon Oscar matzos and baked potatoes with caviar.

Oscars 2016 Menu A preview of Sunday’s feast…


For dessert? The 900 members of staff will be circling a “few thousand” mini donuts round the A-list shindig. Jealous, us?

The bar will also be well stocked, obvs. The likes of Leo, J-Law and Matt Damon will be sipping on 2400 bottles of Piper-Heidsieck champagne and 2700 bottles of Sterling Vineyard wines, while bartenders will be whipping up cocktails aplenty thanks to the 120 bottles of Haig Club whisky.

Think Puck might have to put up with some diva-ish requests from the guests? He certainly isn’t putting up with any of that. “I don’t tell them how to make a movie and they don’t tell me what to cook,” Puck told E! News. Well said indeed.

By Elizabeth Bennett