The 2015 Diet Trends You Need To Know About

With butter in your coffee, steak and hamburgers on the menu and the promise of a natural gastric band… we round up 2015’s hottest eating trends that’ll dominate this year.

1) THE NEW CAVEMAN DIET: Scoff meat on the Bulletproof Diet

A steak-lover’s paradise, the Bulletproof Diet is similar to the Caveman (or Paleo) as it involves eating lots and lots of meat. But it differs in that it requires that a huge 50-60% of your total calories intake to come from saturated and omega-3 monounsaturated “good” fats. In contrast, normal guidelines are for fat to make up around 30% of your diet. Pasta, sugar and bread are banned, but you can eat as much butter, coconut oil and meat as you like.

The expert’s view: Nutritionist Claire Baseley ( says: ‘Some of these recommendations are healthy, such as eating unprocessed foods and having a meat-free day each week. But the high fat content of the diet is worrying and the low fruit and veg content of the diet could lead to deficiencies of key vitamins and minerals. It’s also very expensive and impractical to maintain in the long term.’ 

2) THE NEW JUICE DIET: Detox with the 10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse

Green juice is taken to another level with this new plan. You drink smoothies made up entirely from leafy greens and fruit and, unlike other plans, there’s no exercise regime. Plus, depending on how much weight you want to lose and how fast, there are two levels you can follow. Meat, dairy, sugar, alcohol AND refined carbs are all banned (sob!), so think of this as more of a quick fix than a long-term eating plan.

The expert’s view: Claire says: ‘While the smoothies will contain some vitamins, minerals and fibre, they lack protein. So this diet will result in muscle and tissue loss, causing the metabolic rate to drop and weight to be easily regained when you eat normally again. The body is very good at detoxifying itself, so juice and smoothie cleanse diets aren’t necessary.’

3) THE NEW SUPERFOOD DIET: The stomach-shrinking Microbiome Diet

A gastric band… without the surgery! At least that’s what the founder, Raphael Kellman, claims. He says that by increasing the level of “good” bacteria in your digestive tract can stop so many calories being absorbed, just like surgery does. His three-phase plan claims to heal your gut, reset your metabolism and achieve dramatic weight loss. Think plenty of lean meats, goat’s milk, yoghurt and cheese.

The expert’s view: Claire says: ‘This diet overstates the benefits of improving the balance of gut bacteria. But the suggested diet it is simply a healthy eating plan and improved gut bacterial balance is a beneficial side effect of this.’ 

4) THE NEW BLOODTYPE DIET: Tone up in your bed with a Metalbolic Balance Plan

Lose weight while you sleep… It sounds too good to be true, right? But, this diet promises to help you to reset your natural nighttime fat burning process and kick start your metabolism again along the way. And while the diet’s been around for a while, with new celeb fans like Jemma Kidd signing up, it’s set to really take off in 2015. After a two day cleanse, your blood will be tested and you’ll be given a list of foods to eat in phase two. 

The expert’s view: ‘On the whole this diet will work because by cutting out sugar and avoiding snacks and alcohol, you are following a low-calorie programme. On the whole it is a healthy and varied diet but an expensive way to do so.’

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