11 Times Ryan Gosling’s Face Said Everything

Ryan Gosling is one handsome devil. On that we can all agree.

But did you know that his facial expressions can also help nail certain life situations? Try some of these beauts for yourself and we guarantee you’ll be channeling your inner Gos before the end of the day….

1. The ‘Give Me A Few Years And I’ll Own You’ Expression

The Gos has been grooming those suggestive eyebrows since year dot. Your Tinder dates won’t stand a chance.


2. The ‘Are You Really Wearing Those Shoes?’ Glance

How to throw major shame shade, even when wearing sunglasses.


3. The ‘How To Get Away With Murder’ Smile

Essential for handling sticky situations…especially ones that involve the rents.


4. The ‘Acting Surprised Even Though You’ve Blantantly Been Rumbled’ Expression

This is a great one to bust out if you’ve been caught robbing your housemate’s Jaffa Cakes.


5. The ‘I Feel Awkward About You Taking This Instagram’ Expression

But what do you do with your hands? Oh I know. Make like 50 Cent. Nailed it.


6. The ‘Owning The Dance Floor’ Head Toss

You really have to put your shoulders into this one. Which leads swiftly on to…


7. The ‘This Is My Jam’ Grimace

You know when you are REALLY feeling it?


8. The ‘I Actually Hate That Guy’ Eye Squint

Can also be applied to bosses, flatmates, crazy ex-boyfriends and anyone else that gives you the rage. Subtle, yet effective.


9. The ‘Special Occasion Slo-Mo’ Smile

To be used sparingly across crowded bars when trying to catch the eye of someone you fancy. Misuse (as in twice in ten minutes) will make you look a little bit mental. Be careful.


10. The ‘I Think I’ve Left The Straighteners On’ Expression

This one is all too real.


11. And Finally, The ‘Who Me?’ Shrug

Yes you Ryan Gosling. Learn to work this slice of charm like a pro, and we guarantee you’ll be winning at life.