Tesco’s Valentine’s Gift Ideas Are SO Inappropriate

Tesco is known for being the supermarket with the wittiest sense of humour. Ever since the grocery Mecca’s hilarious Twitter feed was flagged up, the marketing team at Tesco HQ has clearly been very busy thinking up new ways to go viral. And its Valentine’s Day in-store campaign has done just that…

For most of us, our local supermarket doesn’t exactly fill us with gift inspo but, if you get imaginative, there are tones of Valentine’s Day treats to be had in the food aisles. And Tesco has got them covered.

In-stores, customers have been met with quiet reminders about the upcoming romantic holiday in the most unexpected places. It’s not clear whether this is a national strategy or a store one-off, but some genius has been placing ‘Ideal For Valentine’s’ signs in the most inappropriate of places, including the whipped spray cream in the milk, cheese and dairy aisle.

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OOO ER. Who knew lactose could be so steamy?!

It gets even more NSFW, as another customer found the identically worded offer sign slapped on the front of a crate of cucumbers. Ahem.

At least they’re not making it all about the couples, then.

Sainsbury’s and Asda – it’s your move…