This Girl Dressed As Beyoncé To Her Prom And Went Viral

We all know Beyoncé has some serious mega fans in her ‘Beehive’. As one of the most famous women in the world, she inspires a loyalty that most superstars would sell their Chanel for, but even we were surprised by one Queen Bey megafan’s act of love.  Say hello to 18-year-old India Ross: the Internet sensation who transformed herself into Beyoncé for her high school prom. Yes, really.


Looking fierce! (India Ross Instagram)

The teenager embarked on her quest to become Beyoncé by enlisting a local St.Louis designer to recreate that show-stopping Givenchy gown. Armed with a budget of $800, India asked designer Toi Hall of Toi Box Couture ‘to make her feel like Beyonce’. The final look even won the approval of Beyoncé’s stylist and cousin Ty Hunter, who put a heart under one of her pics. Epic.


That infamous ponytail! (India Ross Instagram)


The copycat dress perfectly mimicked Beyoncé’s ‘naked’ gown, and was embellished with 2,000 hand-placed crystals. And like Beyoncé turned heads at the Met Gala, India was the centre of attention at her prom, even being dubbed ‘little Beyoncé’ by her peers. The Bey mini-me flooded her Instagram profile with some pretty impressive posing, and she even recreated the high ponytail, too.


Working those poses like a pro (India Ross Instagram)

Obviously, not all the comments India received were positive. Apparently, people on the Internet like to be mean. Who knew? Anyway, just like Beyoncé taught her (and indeed all of us) India brushed off the haters and enjoyed her prom in style.

Seeing as she’s now an online star in her own right, we can’t help but hope that India has a few more Beyoncé-inspired looks up her sleeve.