Technology And Fashion Combine At Lady Geek

Lady Geek is our latest company-crush over at LOOK HQ. They aim to bridge the gap between women and technology, with Little Miss Geek, an enterprise that encourages a new generation of women to become tech wizards – what better way to amp up girl power in 2013?

Their latest campaign is to get women thinking about the future of wearable technology. Wearable technology, as in, there are actual shirts that give you hugs, dresses that light up and change colour from the click of an iPhone, and then of course there’s that Nicole Scherzinger Twitter dress, designed by futuristic fashion label Cute Circuits.

These products may not be mainstream just yet, but we’re already grasping at crazy tech-ideas for our wardrobes. Like, how about a dress that wipes clean any wine-induced food spillages? Just think of the humiliating tube rides home it’d save.

If tech-clothes are good enough for Nic, then they’re definitely good enough for us. With people like British Fashion Council’s Clara Mercer supporting the campaign, we’re predicting pretty ground-breaking things coming soon in the fashion industry.

In Beyoncé’s words: “Who run the world? Girls”.

By Hannah Gale, 26 April 2013

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