Taylor Swift’s Dressed-Down Face Is Amazing

We all know what Taylor Swift looks like, right? Porcelain skin, red lips and super smooth bangs?

Well, no, actually. Because the Shake It Off singer has just had a major model-esque makeover for Wonderland‘s December issue.  

Swifty wears a white Boss sweater as she models basically an entirely new face.

Her Snow White skin’s been given a golden tan and dotted with freckles, her jawline slimmed down with some heavy bronzed cotouring and her fair brows thickened and darkened.

In the cover shot snapped by Thomas Whiteside, Swifty’s is also seen rocking super modern slicked-back hair and a glossy natural lip in place of her usual pillarbow pout. 

‘Shake it off with the Princess of Pop Taylor Swift: players gonna play!’ reads the headline, quoting the singer’s number one hit.

We don’t know whether it’s the Cara Delevingne brows or the St Tropez glow, but safe to say we are feeling this stripped-back Swift.

With a cover shot this striking, we can’t wait to see the full shoot. Good news is, it hits shelves on Thursday so we won’t have to wait long.

By Robyn Munson