Taylor Swift Singing Let It Go In An Olaf Costume Is All You Need To See Today…

Taylor Swift bought the house down on Saturday eve as her US tour came to an end, finishing with a spectacular Frozen finale.

Celebrating Halloween in true Taylor style, the hitmaker proved she’s not afraid of making a fool of herself. Dressed up as loveable snowman Olaf, complete with orange carrot nose and everything, Tay Tay delighted fans as she bought the movie’s Idina Menzel dressed as Elsa on stage to join her. The pair then belted out the film’s anthem Let It Go. Well, we didn’t see that coming!

The surprise performance bought her 1989 U.S. tour to an end in fabulous fashion. Clad in their novelty costumes, Taylor and Idina wowed the audience with their rendition of the popular track before pulling off a pretty impressive outfit change live on stage.

> Taylor Swift & Idina Menzel sing awesome Let It Go duet


As the audience chimed in with a final ‘the cold never bothered me anyway’, Taylor ditched her mini Olaf get-up as Idina received a spot of help removing her Elsa gown from a few helpful reindeers. The change revealed Taylor’s signature sequined dress, while Idina wowed in a sexy pair of black trousers and a corset top.

> Taylor Swift and Idina Menzel post outfit change


It seems Taylor enjoyed the duet as much as the audience did, commenting on Instagram, “Frozen totally happened tonight and 55,000 people sand ‘Let it Go’ so loudly, it nearly took my breath away.:

Taylor has been making a habit of inviting high-profile guests to join her on her 1989 tour, but Saturday’s performance is the best so far, what a way to finish.

Well played, Swiftie!