Taylor Swift Just Cured Our January Blues

Ok, so we know nobody wants to mention Christmas today. For many (including us), it’s the first day back at work/school, and the festive period is but a distant, albeit technically very recent, memory. But, we thought we’d cheer you all up with news of Taylor Swift’s festive frolics, which have already elicited smiles all round in the Look office this morning.

To celebrate another stellar year, Taylor decided to reward her fanbase. Literally. Yep, after engaging in what became known as ‘Tay-lurking’ on social media, which involved essentially stalking her fans to discover their every like/post/Instagram, Taylor then began posting single santa emojis to certain fans who then received giant Fedex boxes containing personally wrapped gifts and hand-written notes from the lady herself. We know!

Every moment of ‘Swiftmas’ (we like what she did there) was caught on camera, from Taylor wrapping gifts with her cats Meredith and Olivia Benson, to the hysterically sweet reactions of the lucky recipients. Cue irrepressible screaming, tears and pure, unadulterated joy. It warms our hearts. The superstar even drove to one fan’s house to personally deliver gifts for her and her son. Is there no stopping her?

So, take hold of your new year slump, shake it off (there’s a Taylor Swift pun for you) and enjoy 6 minutes of sheer delight. Happy 2015, everyone!

By Hannah Banks-Walker