Taylor Swift Keeps The Surprises Coming On Her 1989 Tour

Taylor Swift is one busy pop princess right now. 

Not satisfied with smashing records (we’re looking at you, Bad Blood music video) or winning more awards than she can physically carry, the Shake It Off starlet is jet setting around for her 1989 world tour, and making more than just a show-stopping impression for her fans. 

From Lena Dunham to Kendall Jenner and Ellen Degeneres, Taylor has brought on stage pretty much every celeb we can think of. But just when we thought she was running out of stars, Taylor added Friends star Lisa Kudrow to her line up, making for one of the best performances yet.

Bringing the legendary Phoebe Duffay onto the stage, the pair gave an exclusive performance of “Smelly Cat”, complete with guitars and all. Aw, Phoebe finally got her break!


> Lisa Kudrow with Taylor Swift on stage.






> Alanis Morrisette with Taylor Swift on stage.

Canadian singer Alanis Morrissette has also taken to the stage with Taylor, as well as Ellen Degeneres who dressed up just like Miss Swift in a sparkly one piece.

> Ellen Degeneres with Taylor Swift on stage.


> Taylor and Gigi shared a BFF moment on stage


A few weeks ago, the 25-year-old megastar also brought out a host of her famous model pals during her show. Gigi Hadid and Martha Hunt, who featured in the epic video of her latest smash hit Bad Blood, took to the stage to warm up the crowds, strutting their stuff in time to the music. 

As T-Swift did her thing to a live rendition of Style, her BFFs did what models do best alongside her. 

> Taylor shared a heavy hint at her guests on Instagram before the show


Taylor shared the glittery moments on Instagram, captioning: “When two of your best friends strut the runway with you during ‘Style’… #1989TourDetroit @gigihadid @marhunt”

> The three famous blondes killed it on the runway


Taylor also shared a pretty hilarious meme of the trio being papped before the show, joking: “On tonight’s episode of “Not Purposely Trying to Recreate Music Videos, Just Going Out For Indian Food”

> We love Swifty’s sense of humour…


Gigi shared an Instagram video of her on-stage appearance, with a heartfelt caption that played on the lyrics of the song: “..and then I got to be the proudest friend ever & dance and sing with all of you amazing people!!!!!!!!!! Your love and passion will NEVER GO OUT OF STYLE @taylorswift”

She also gushed, “Will never forget this moment. T, you are amazing. Detroit, you are amazing. Thank you for sharing tonight with me!!!!! #1989WorldTour”

> Taylor Swift dazzles in an all-glitter body suit


Taylor has already proved that she can own a runway with the best of them, as she famously rocked London’s Victoria’s Secret catwalk alongside Karlie Kloss. This time was no different, as the trio of blondes worked it in their killer heels. 

Her tour has also hit the headlines for another reason.

> Taylor Swift’s concert wardrobe is pretty amazing


When three of her fans went to one of her concerts, the night ended with a pretty amazing story.

After getting into a very unfortunate car crash on the journey home, they claimed that the light-up bracelets worn in the crowds actually helped to save them.

According to reports, the three girls credited the light from their flashing bracelets to saving their lives, telling news outlet WBRZ that they used them to draw attention from passers by, calling for help. 

Taylor, who is known for reaching out to fans across her social media, noticed the story and tweeted: “This is unreal. I’m so happy they’re okay.”