Taylor Swift And Karlie Kloss Do Matchy Matchy

It has to be said that we’re super fans of a good old celeb friendship. And none has thrilled us quite like the BFF bond between Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss, officially the cutest gal pals on the block. While we’re used to seeing them out and about, taking a ballet class together and just generally being adorable, their recent antics in New York have made us want to call up our bestie and co-ordinate our wardrobes for the weekend.

That’s right, the famous friends were rocking matching outfits, with Karlie in a checked shirt and Taylor sporting a check print coat. While we’re going to assume this was meticulously planned for our enjoyment, we reckon it is possible that it could have been an accident. Either way, we’re enjoying it so much that we decided to help you (and possibly your closest pal) get the look on the high street.

So get your hands on BANK Fashion’s Noisy May shirt and M&S’ luxe coat to channel Karlie and Taylor’s matchy moment. All that’s left to do is give your friend one of these tributes to try on, and you’re good to go. And if she looks like she needs some convincing, just show her these snaps. You’ll be a co-ord couple in no time!

By Hannah Banks-Walker